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Boxed Bike Assembly from BikeSparx

Unlike a high street retailer, BikeSparx doesn't have time targets so more care and attention can be taken over your box bike build.

From simply removing the staples in the box to prevent the frame getting scratched when it's taken out, to its handover where any adjustments can be made for comfort, (saddle height,fore/aft, handlebar height/reach}.


Or, if any accessories / swapouts are required, these would be fitted free. Basically, BikeSparx will assemble your bike as if it was our own.

We can also collect your bike and deliver it back to you for free (see where mobile bike mechanic services are offered).

Boxed Bike Assembly from a High Street Retailer

Your high street retailer is under pressure to hit targets, hence why they give their mechanics just 20 minutes* to perform a PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection), be it the bike you have taken in, or one sold by them.


Store mechanics should be Cytech Level 2 trained (or equivalent). However, some store mechanics are only in-house trained. In-house training is not industry recognised and usually used when there's a high staff turn-around.

*Differs from store to store.

Everything You Need to Know About Bike Assembly

Nearly all bikes delivered to a cycle store are in need of some assembly before being put out for sale. When purchased, the store will offer a PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) within the purchase price of your new bike. This is to make sure that your new bike is mechanically sound, safe to ride and road legal before handing it over to you.


However, not all PDI checks are the same. One high street store requires the PDI to be completed in 20 mins. This may be OK if you want it fast, but can lead to issues soon after purchase. Your bike could spend more time back at the store for further adjustments!  A bit more time spent doing the job properly the first time, rather than just to meet company targets, is the difference between taking your bike back again and again for corrections or enjoying the trails/roads.

A free check-up (within a few weeks of purchase)is usually offered; this is just to adjust the gears and give the bike a once over. In my experience of working in several stores, it is very rare that this free check-up is actually taken up


Bikes purchased over the internet and delivered to your home do not have the PDI factored into the price, hence why the bike maybe  a bit cheaper. However this relies on the owner either assembling the bike themselves or looking for a store to assembly it for them.

Home assembly CAN be straightforward. It is usually a case of fitting handlebars, seat, seat-post, front wheel and pedals. Occasionally brakes and gears need adjusting too.


The tools that come supplied to build your bike are very basic and of poor quality. The cheap Allen key edges can easily be rounded off, or round off the edges of the bolt your are trying to adjust.


Pedals have opposite threads and care needs to be taken when fitting these. It's easy to either try to fit the wrong one or cross thread them when tightening. Cross threaded pedals, whether they fall off straight away of after a few rides is not classed as a fault but as poor/incorrect assembly and would not be covered by the sellers guarantee or any warranty. You would be responsible for the cost involved to correct this issue or any other issue attributed to poor installation / adjustment.

It is also strongly recommend to have your bike assembled by a certified mechanic, especially if you are not confident in bike assembly, not only for your own safety but for anyone who may ride your bike, or the person the bike has been purchased for.

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