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Check and Tune

£35 exc. parts

To keep your bike in a good, safe, working condition, it should be checked/serviced every 12 months - even more frequently if it is used on a very regular basis. By having a regular check up, we'll identify and correct issues before they become more serious and expensive. I'll give your bike a thorough once over, checking the brakes, gears and tyres for wear and damage - so you can have peace of mind that your bike will ride smoothly and safely. 

  • Tyres checked for damage/wear and re-inflated to recommended PSI

  • Brakes checked for damage/wear and adjusted using existing parts (hydraulic brakes not included)

  • Check headset / seat post, saddle. Re-grease and torque bolts if required

  • Drivetrain checked for wear and adjustments made using existing parts where needed, and chain lubricated

  • Replacement parts are not included.

General Bike Service *Most Popular*

£69 exc. parts

A General Service includes a thorough de-grease and clean leaving your bike looking and running like new. 


All services in the Check & Tune service, plus:​

  • Gear cable inner replaced, outer casing lubricated, system tuned

  • Brake cable inner replaced, outer casing lubricated, system adjusted 

  • Hydraulic brakes, pads inspected for wear, callipers aligned, rotors checked and trued

  • Wheels trued and tensioned, hubs greased and adjusted if required

  • Headset stripped, cleaned, re-greased and adjusted

  • Drivetrain de-greased cleaned and re-lubricated

  • Grease and adjust bottom bracket. Should your bike have a sealed unit, we would advise if a replacement would be needed

  • Bike hand cleaned and polished

  • Parts are not included unless otherwise stated

Full Bike Service

£99 exc. parts

Whether you MTB, road, commute or just ride recreationally, it's recommended that you have a Full Service at least once a year to keep your bike running at its best.


  • All services in the General Service, plus:

  • Brake cable inner and outer replaced, system adjusted.

  • Gear cable inner and outer replaced, system adjusted

  • Hydraulic brakes:- pads inspected for wear, calipers aligned, rotors checked and trued, brakes bled.

  • Hand cleaned and polished

  • Price excludes replacement parts unless stated. Replacement parts fitted free

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